GPS Hub BENGALURU Software Whitelabeling Via VoxTrail

GPS HUB BENGALURU is a progressive GPS venture that cherishes the Bangalore and its nearby market areas ever since establishment. With a superior market share rate contributing usual GPS Tracking Devices & chiefly the GPS Software and Mobile App initially, GPS HUB BENGALURU has now prolonged its horizons to an enhanced market serving gigantic client base via Whitelabel Software Solutions by VoxTrail..

VoxTrail Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a top-notch brand which offers the advanced and hi-tech fleet management software having sophisticated Whitelabeling Solutions. GPS HUB BENGALURU serves the province of private transportation agencies such as taxis & trucks via GPS HUB BENGALURU Software enabling expansion in clientele and goodwill in the market. White label services offered by VoxTrail Software Solutions are very valuable for our business. With the help of GPS HUB BENGALURU Software & GPS HUB BENGALURU Mobile App we can explore the market and have potential clients on board.

There are multiple benefits of GPS HUB BENGALURU Software through which you can track & trail every movement of your fleet –

  • Live – Tracking Feed – A leap quantum in the procedure of GPS 24/7, GPS HUB BENGALURU Software is incorporated with GPS HUB BENGALURU Mobile App giving the consumers a full manage over the real time information via live tracking, mapping, current positing of vehicles and actual live locations along with address.
  • Fuel Monitoring – With GPS HUB BENGALURU Software you can now accumulate & examine the fuel level in the vehicles or fleets. Every trip fuel consumption rates, optimal level, overused or underused fuel rates along with the graphics can be easily monitored by GPS HUB BENGALURU Software and GPS HUB BENGALURU Mobile App.
  • Real-time mapping – GPS HUB BENGALURU Software incorporated with GPS HUB BENGALURU Mobile App assists in getting the real-time details of the route, speed, distance, time, and stoppage intervals along with idle time durations.
  • Geo-Fencing – GPS HUB BENGALURU Software helps in generating geo-fencing zone alerts with real time information fetching via radio frequency signals.
  • Temperature Solutions – This features helps in maintaining an optimum level of temperature in the contents, materials like food compliances and cargos. Inbuilt with multiple temperature monitoring zones, anti - spoilage and anti-theft features GPS HUB BENGALURU Software makes the vehicles hi-tech with less operational cost.
  • Historical Fleet Data - On demand access to the past year of historical data provides you the appropriate back up in the incident that you require to document long term review billing, driving behavior, or protect yourself from unwarranted litigation.
  • Automated Alerts- With the help of automated alerts feature of GPS HUB BENGALURU Software you do not need to sit in front of desktop/laptop to monitor or track your fleet each hour and every day. Using this alert is sent directly to the registered mobile device or email on your mail id, and you will be familiar with the exact location of your driver’s activity..

GPS HUB BENGALURU Software has delivered the overall Fleet trade with an advantage that assists the owners & fleet managements with true & accurate measurement tools of efficiency. The foremost fleet operations were not unproblematic earlier but now we at GPS HUB BENGALURU partnered with VoxTrail Software Solutions and cater huge fleet owners across India.

My uppermost suggestion is that each giant transporter should formerly try & associate with VoxTrail Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. and give a free rein to your brand makeover.

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