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With a proper view of assembling the vehicles safer, intelligent, & economical, we at GPS HUB BENGALURU embark on VoxTrail Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. with the optimum & highly sophisticated power of VoxTrail Whitelabeling Solutions which resulted in creation of GPS HUB BENGALURU Mobile App. Depending upon whether you posses a small, mid-sized, or large fleet management firm or if you are exploring for a personal car tracking App for your private use, GPS HUB BENGALURU Mobile App offer you reliable Mobile App & Software which are very much useful for layman, logistics firms, fleet managements, and more.

We at GPS HUB BENGALURU associated with VoxTrail Software Solutions Private Limited and rely on their top-notch services in the domain of GPS. GPS HUB BENGALURU Mobile App provides the Hi-tech functionality with intuit interface that serves every segments utility effectively. Being a white labeled Mobile App, GPS HUB BENGALURU Mobile App is integrated with ‘n’ number of advantages for our clients.

Here are some prerequisites GPS HUB BENGALURU Mobile App features to consider which will help you to surely pick the White labeled App by VoxTrail that fits your needs & budget –

  • Real-time tracking & live route mapping
  • Instantaneous zone alerts enabling the prompt geo-fencing with notifications & alerts. Activity log assists to conclude the activity series such as over speeding, harsh braking, overtaking, harsh acceleration, etc.
  • Live map route assists in defining the inclusive details of the vehicle & the GPS Tracker established in it along with the definite values of speed, time covered, distance travelled, Kilometers, & driver behavior patterns.
  • An easy access to history of trips, playback along with the behavior happened in the route can be tracked easily via GPS HUB BENGALURU Mobile App.
  • Keep a continuous check on fuel consumption rates.
  • Graphical & diagrammatical illustration of vehicle’s up to date positing whether online, offline, running, or idle assists the consumers to examine the progress reports of the vehicle and driver.
  • GPS HUB BENGALURU Mobile App help centre provides 24/7 assistance to their clients with live chatting & assistance protocol anytime and anywhere.
  • Sharing of objects & cloning of the GPS HUB BENGALURU Mobile App is also an integral entrenched characteristic in GPS HUB BENGALURU Mobile App that assists the user to remain coupled with the client or the another person 24/7 via live sharing of objects.

Such an arrangement of cutting-edge GPS Technology with user interactive features formulates GPS HUB BENGALURU Mobile App a recently defined handset tracking device particularly for the GPS providers. GPS HUB BENGALURU has embarked an innovative perception of GPS tracking along with the Whitelabeling Solutions via VoxTrail Software Solutions. From the existing competitors,it stands as a branded Mobile App among the users.

Our proposal for cheerful clients, superiority products & services, and innovation always lies with VoxTrail Software Solutions Private Limited.

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